My name is Zachary Sarver. I hold a PhD in mathematics from Auburn University. You most likely followed one of the links in my CV or my resume , so you knew that already. I'll get back to the serious stuff shortly, but here are a few things about me that you won't learn from reading my curriculum vitae:

And now back to the stuff that you could glean from my CV. My research interests are primarily in:

I'm unpublished in but interested in multilinear algebra, category theory, symmetric and inverse limit spaces, computability, and programming language design.

On the topic of programming language design, I'm proficient in a few programming languages:

I have at least a little experience in quite a few more: Ruby, Go, Rust, MOS 6502 assembly (on the Atari 2600 and Apple //e,) and Zilog Z80 assembly (on the Sega SG-1000 and Sega Master System.)

I've done a significant amount of teaching in my time at Auburn, and I've been the instructor of record for the following courses:

In my spare time (I know, right? Who has that?) I'm active in the Auburn puzzle scene as a participant, puzzle designer, and event organizer. I've become involved in Auburn's AMP'd Challenge and Steven Clontz's Mathematical Puzzle Programs for middle and high school students as a website maintainer, occasional sounding board, and guy who shows up at the meetings for the free food.